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​Here at Cambridge Cattery, we LOVE cats!  We have 4 cats of our own, who are all spoilt rotten! (Have a look at our "About Us" page) - And we treat all our guests the same way! - Our aim is to provide accommodation and care that we would feel comfortable leaving our cats in.

Our Cattery is a purpose-built facility, set in peaceful countryside just 4km from Cambridge town centre in the Waipa District in Waikato.  The Cattery is fully insulated with options of private indoor / outdoor suites and / or communal accommodation.

We also now have a heatpump / air conditioning unit to help keep our guests nice and cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter.


We regularly spend time with our feline guests in order to make them feel more comfortable and relaxed.  BBC Radio 4 streams live over the internet in the background to provide soothing voices and that homely feel (we find that the daily "BBC Shipping Forecast" is especially soothing for our guests).


Whether you are heading away on a business trip, holiday, or are in the process of moving, and need your much-loved cat properly cared for, please give us a call and come and see us.

Some of the benefits of our Cattery:

-  Small, family owned and operated (meaning our guests enjoy the benefit of consistency of contact from the same person every day, which minimises stress and ensures their health is safely monitored).

-  Private and Communal accommodation available with both indoor and covered outdoor areas.

-  Fully insulated with a heatpump / air conditioning unit for those hot summer days and cold winter nights.

-  Premium food provided along with pure rain water that has been filtered by a carbon filter, 2 different micron filters and a UV filter.

-  LOTS of furniture and hidey-holes for our guests to explore and relax.

-  Unique portraits of your cat taken by Matt, who, as well as running the cattery, is also a qualified professional photographer.

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