You can now request a booking directly online using the "Check Availability" button below.  Please indicate in the "Any other notes.." section of the booking form whether you are booking for a Standard Unit or Private Suite. - If neither is specified, it will be assumed you require "Standard / Communal" accommodation. - If you are a new customer who has not previously stayed with us, we will need to speak with you by phone before accepting your booking, so please ensure you include a phone number for us to be able to contact you on.


Please do not use this feature if you already have an existing booking. - If you need to contact us with any questions or need to follow up regarding an existing booking, please either use the "Contact Us" form or email us directly.

Please ensure that you have read, understand and accept our "Terms & Conditions of Boarding & Visiting" (which can be found on the next tab) before submitting an online booking request.


Standard Units:  Our "Standard Units" are our most economical option and are suitable for most cats.  These are individual compartments where the cats sleep at night with fresh clean bedding, litter tray, food and water.  During the day your pet has access to the communal lounge and outdoor conservatory well equipped with cushions, bedding, cat trees, comfy chairs and scratch posts.  Most cats adapt well to this environment as it is a neutral territory, however if your pet is not sociable or is very timid, a private suite may be a better option.

Our standard / communal rate is $15.00 per cat, per day.

Private Suites:  (Please note that from the 1st July 2021, the price for 1 cat in a private suite will increase from $24 per day to $25 per day.  The cost for each additional cat in the same suite is $15 per day).  Our "Private Suites" are large self-contained rooms with exclusive indoor and outdoor areas and are suited for cats who are not sociable or are timid.  They are also a good option for cats who have very specific dietary requirements as food can be administered much more easily away from other cats.  Private Suites are also a good option if you have 2 or more cats as we offer discounts for more than 1 cat in each of these rooms.  Each Private Suite can accommodate up to 4 cats (if you have that many!).  Our Private Suites are EXTREMELY popular and are usually booked several weeks in advance.

Our Private Suite pricing, per day is as follows:

1 Cat:  $25.00

Each Additional Cat in the same Suite:  $15.00

PLEASE NOTE:  During the Christmas / New Year holiday period, due to extremely high demand, our Private Suites are priced per "Suite" (not per cat) and cost $60 per day for UP TO 4 Cats, and during the month of January, there is a minimum 2-cat per day charge ($40) for all private suite bookings (from after the Christmas / New Year period until Waitangi Day).

Christmas & New Year Bookings:  Christmas & New Year is our busiest period, and we are always fully booked at this time of year, so we recommend booking your cat's stay at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure a space (we usually have a waiting list from the end of September).  Our peak Christmas / New Year period runs from the Friday before Christmas Day to the Sunday after New Years Day.  Because we are so busy over this period, we now have a policy whereby we will only accept bookings at Christmas / New Year for cats who have already stayed with us before and which we know are comfortable being around other cats.  We also have a 14 day minimum charge over Christmas & New Year due to the fact that because this is our busiest time, we do not get to have a day off on Christmas Day or any of the other 3 public holidays during this period.  Due to high demand, and because of some last-minute cancellations we have had in previous years, a deposit is required to secure Christmas and New Year bookings.  For "Communal" bookings, a non-refundable deposit of $100 per cat or 50% of the total amount (whichever is greater) is required by the 31st October.  All "Private Suite" bookings for the Christmas / New Year period must be paid for IN FULL within 10 days of making the booking. - Refunds may be available for cancellations depending on how soon the cancellation is made prior to boarding (Please see our "Terms & Conditions" below for more information.  We will send email reminders for deposit payments around the middle of October.  If we have not received your deposit within 10 working days of the reminder being sent, your booking will be made available to the next customer on our waiting list.  For 2021 / 2022, our peak Christmas / New Year period will run from Friday 17th December 2021 - Wednesday 5th January 2022

Peak Periods:  Because we want to provide the best quality care for our guests, we have now reduced the limit on the number of cats boarding with us at any one time. - This ensures that your pet has the best possible experience with us during their stay.  However, unfortunately, during peak periods, we receive approximately 3 times the number of booking requests than we feel comfortable accommodating.  This, in addition to the fact that particularly Christmas, New Year and Easter include several public holidays, means that we have a minimum charge policy during these times.  Please see our "Terms & Conditions" for full details of our "peak period" booking policy and charges.

Discounts:  We are able to offer the following discounts:

Stays over 2 weeks:    5% discount on Standard / Communal Accommodation

Stays over 4 weeks:    10% discount on Standard / Communal Accommodation / 5% discount on Private Suites

Stays over 3 months:   Please contact us and we will work out a price for you.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are unable to offer any discounts from the start of the Christmas holiday period through until Waitangi Day.