Opening Hours

Monday to Friday:

7.30am - 8.00am

9.00am - 10.00am

4.30pm - 6.00pm


8.00am - 10.00am



4.00pm - 6.00pm

Public Holidays


We are CLOSED for pickups and drop-offs

on the following public holidays:

- Christmas Day
- New Years Day

- Easter Sunday

Please note that we may not be open during our standard opening hours if we do not have any SCHEDULED pick-ups or drop offs for either the morning or evening hours.  Therefore, if you wish to visit or decide you to pick up or drop off your cat during a different time slot other than that originally booked, you will need to let us know AT LEAST 24 hours in advance.


All cats staying with us must be de-sexed and have an up to date vaccination.  There is some debate about whether cats require vaccinations either yearly or 3-yearly.  In order to ensure the health and well-being of all of our guests, your pet must have a qualified veterinary approved vaccination for Feline Panleukopenia (enteritis), Calcivirus and Rhinotracheitis (herpes) which is current for the total period of their stay.  Proof of vaccination MUST be presented at the time of check-in for all new customers who have not previously boarded with us.

Fleas & Worms

Regular flea and worm treatment should also be part of your pets regular health program.  We require that all cats staying with us must have had flea and worm treatment within four weeks prior to boarding.  We stock all the main spot-on flea treatments at a discounted price, should you not have de-flea'd your cat prior to boarding.


We serve Royal Canin premium dried cat biscuits for breakfast and dinner, containing all of the nutrients that your cat needs for good health.  We also have a supply of cat biscuits available during the day for those guests who like to "graze".  Tinned or sachet wet food is available upon request (see "Special Diets / Medications" below).  Pure fresh filtered rainwater is available to all our guests 24 hours a day. - We have a rainwater filtration system with a carbon filter, 2 different micron filters and a UV filter, which means the water is quite possibly purer than mains tap water.

Special Diets / Medications

Should your cat require a special diet or medications, we are happy to administer this during your pet's stay.  PLEASE NOTE the following:

- WET FOOD:  We are only able to administer special diets (including wet or raw food) if your pet is accommodated in a Private Suite.  We will not serve wet food during summer months (December - February) due to higher temperatures making the food go rancid quickly and attracting flies.

- RAW FOOD:  We no longer serve raw food due to hygiene reasons.

Veterinary Attention

We have an excellent relationship with Cambridge Vets who are available on cal 24 hours per day.  Should we find that a cat is unwell during their stay with us, we will endeavour to contact the owner immediately to advise of this and make arrangements for them to be seen by a vet.  As part of the terms and conditions of boarding, should we not be able to contact the owner in the event that a cat requires veterinary attention, we will make arrangements for veterinary attention.  All veterinary costs are at the owners expense and must be paid for prior to or at the time of departure.

Pet Taxi

We are able to pick up and drop off your cat if you are unable to do so.  We charge a nominal fee for this service.  Please contact us if you are interested in this service so that we may be able to provide you with a quote.

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