Terms & Conditions of Boarding & Visiting


PICK-UP & DROP-OFF TIMES:  Pick-up / drop-off of your pet MUST be made during our standard office hours unless prior arrangements have been made. - We are generally quite flexible with pick-up and drop off times outside of our standard hours during weekdays, however because we have young children, we do require a minimum of 24 hours notice if you need to make such arrangements.  Unscheduled pick-up or drop-off outside of our standard opening hours will incur a $25.00 surcharge.  Please also note that we may not be open during our standard opening hours if we do not have any SCHEDULED pick-ups or drop offs for either the morning or evening hours.  Therefore, if you decide you wish to pick up or drop off your cat during a different time slot other than that originally booked, you will need to let us know AT LEAST 24 hours in advance.


PLEASE NOTE:  Whilst we have in the past been flexible around opening hours at the weekends, due to family commitments, we now no longer allow pick-ups or drop-offs outside standard opening hours on weekends. - Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to this.

Our opening times for drop-off & pick-up are STRICTLY as follows by arrangement (unless we have made prior agreement with you for pickup or drop-off outside these hours):

Monday to Friday:

7.30am - 8.00am
9.00am - 10.00am
4.30pm - 6.00pm

7.00am - 8.00am

4.30pm - 6.00pm


Public Holidays 2021 / 2022

Christmas / New Year 2021-2022:

- Thurs 23rd December - CLOSED

- Fri 24th December - CLOSED

- Sat 25th December - CLOSED

- Sun 26th December - CLOSED

- Mon 27th December - CLOSED

- Tues 28th December - CLOSED

- Weds 29th December- 8.00am - 11.00am & 3.00pm - 6.00pm

- Thurs 30th December - CLOSED

- Fri 31st December - CLOSED

- Sat 1st January - CLOSED

- Sun 2nd January - CLOSED

- Mon 3rd January - CLOSED

- Tues 4th January - 8.00am - 11.00am & 3.00pm - 6.00pm

- Weds 5th January - Normal Hours

Monday-ised Public Holidays 2021 / 2022: We are only open for pick-ups and drop-offs between 4.00pm and 6.00pm on the following public holidays:

- Labour Day (Monday 25th October)

- Auckland Anniversary Day (Monday 31st January)

- Waitangi Day (Monday 7th February) 

- Good Friday (Friday 15th April)

- Easter Monday (Monday 18th April)

- Anzac Day (Monday 25th April)

- Queen’s Birthday (Monday 6th June)

- Matariki (Friday 24th June)

- Labour Day (Monday 24th October)

COVID-19 INFORMATION:  Whilst in alert level 3, pick-up and drop-offs will be strictly contactless.  We also cannot allow customers to enter the cattery accommodation area until we are in alert level 1.  There is no penalty for cancellations made for bookings scheduled during a COVID alert level 3 or 4 situation where travel is not possible, however cancellations made for bookings which occur during a level 1 or 2 situation where travel is still possible may incur penalties.

We know how difficult it can be to leave your pet in the care of someone else whilst you are away, and therefore we welcome our customers to enter the main cattery area when dropping off or picking up their pets. - However we do have some "Rules of Entry" which we operate to ensure the comfort and safety of our other guests:

-  Only 1 customer at a time is allowed in the cattery boarding area.

-  No children under intermediate school age (or children who are overly excitable) are allowed in the cattery.

-  For hygiene and safety reasons, closed footwear is required to be worn, and customers are asked not to "pet" or "play" with our other guests.

NEW CUSTOMERS:  If you wish to make a booking but have not stayed with us before, you MUST call us to discuss your pet's suitability for boarding.  We WILL NOT accept any online booking requests from new customers until we have had a phone conversation.  We also will not accept bookings for peak periods (Christmas, New Year, Easter) if your cat has not already previously stayed with us.  No exceptions will be made to this.


VISITING YOUR CAT WHILST BOARDING:  We understand that sometimes, some of our customers whose cat(s) are boarding for an extended period, may wish to visit their pet(s) during their stay.  We are happy to accommodate this where possible.  If you wish to visit your cat whilst boarding, we do require AT LEAST 48 hours notice as we will need to plan for somebody being present during the visit in order to ensure the safety of our other guests.  Scheduled visits must be during standard opening hours unless by prior arrangement.  Visits are limited to a maximum of 15 MINUTES per visit.

All cats staying with us must be de-sexed and have an up to date vaccination.  There is some debate about whether cats require vaccinations either yearly or 3-yearly. - International guidelines, as well as vaccination manufacturer guidelines generally advise that 3 yearly is sufficient for cats simply living at home without much contact with other animals, but that where a cat is in contact with other animals (such as a cattery environment), vaccination boosters should occur every 12 months.  Therefore, in order to ensure the health and well-being of all of our guests, your pet must have a qualified veterinary approved vaccination for Feline Panleukopenia (enteritis), Calcivirus and Rhinotracheitis (herpes) which has been administered within the past 12 months and is current for the total period of their stay.  Proof of vaccination MUST be presented at the time of check-in for all new customers who have not previously boarded with us and for those cats who have had a booster vaccine since their previous stay. - PETS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR BOARDING WITHOUT EVIDENCE OF VACCINATION IN THE PREVIOUS 12 MONTHS

FLEA & WORM TREATMENTS:  Your pet should also have up-to date flea and worm treatments prior to arrival.  If your pet requires these to be done, we can administer flea treatment (Advantage / Bravecto +) and / or worm treatment (Drontal) for an additional charge.

VETINARY ATTENTION:  Should your pet require veterinary attention during their stay, we will make every endeavour to first contact the owner or emergency contact to advise of this.  Where we are unable to contact the owner and your pet requires urgent veterinary attention, this will be arranged at your expense.

LIABILITY:  We cannot accept responsibility for loss or illness to your pet for any reason whatsoever.  We also cannot accept liability for loss or damage to any items of bedding, toys, utensils or food etc which customers bring to the cattery with their pets.  We especially do not recommend bringing your own pets bedding if staying in the communal area, as in most cases your cat will not use them, and will end up being used and / or soiled by another cat.  Any items you bring with your pet MUST be clearly labelled with your pet's name.


ABANDONMENT:  Unfortunately, due to a case of 2 cats being purposefully abandoned by their owner whilst in our care, we have reluctantly had to introduce the following "abandonment" policy:  Where a cat has been left in our care and their accommodation not paid for after a period of 14 DAYS, and we have been unable to contact the owner, we will consider the cat to be "abandoned".  In such a situation, we reserve the right to make alternative arrangements for the cat, either through re-homing, or if unsuccessful, through euthanasia.  All outstanding payments will be referred to a debt collection agency for recovery and / or legal action taken against the owner.  The owner will be liable for all costs associated with the continuing care, re-homing, or other costs incurred as a result of other arrangements being made, as well as any additional debt recovery costs and legal fees that may be incurred by us.

DAILY RATES:  The full daily rate will be charged for arrival day and departure day regardless of the time of pickup or drop-off.

LONG STAY DISCOUNTS:  We offer a 5% discount for stays of between 14 days and 28 days for Standard / Communal Accommodation.  For stays of more than 28 days, we are able to offer a 10% discount on Standard / Communal Accommodation or 5% on Private Suites.  If your pet is boarding with us for longer than 3 months, please contact us and we will work out a price for you.  We are unable to offer any discounts from the start of the Christmas holiday period through until Waitangi Day each year.

PEAK PERIODS:  Because we want to provide the best quality care for our guests, we have now reduced the limit on the number of cats boarding with us at any one time. - This ensures that your pet has the best possible experience with us during their stay.  However, unfortunately, during peak periods, we receive approximately 4 times the number of booking requests than we feel comfortable accommodating.  This, in addition to the fact that particularly Christmas, New Year and Easter include several public holidays, means that we have a minimum charge policy during these times:

-  Christmas / New Year:  During the Christmas and New Year holiday season a minimum 14 day booking charge applies for both private suites and communal accommodation.  Deposits are required for all Christmas / New Year bookings (please see information on DEPOSITS below).

-  January:  For Private Suites only, there is a minimum 2-cat per day charge ($40) for all private suite bookings in January (after the Christmas / New Year period until Waitangi Day).  Deposits are required for all bookings during this period.

-  Easter Period:  For Private Suites only, there is a minimum charge of $175 for boarding over the Easter Holiday Weekend.

-  Public Holiday Weekends:  For Private Suites only, there is a minimum charge of $125 for weekends with a public holiday either on a Friday or Monday.

-  PLEASE NOTE:  During peak periods, we will not accept for boarding in the communal area, kittens under 6 months old or cats that have not stayed with us previously.

SPECIAL DIETARY REQUIREMENTS:  Special diets can only be administered if your pet is boarding in a private suite.

      - WET FOOD:  We are only able to administer special diets (including wet food) if your pet is accommodated in a Private Suite.  We will not serve wet food during summer months (December - February) due to higher temperatures making the food go rancid quickly and attracting flies.

      - RAW FOOD:  We no longer offer the option of serving raw food (including "Jimbo's") due to hygiene issues. - No exceptions.

DEPOSITS:  We always end up being fully booked from a few days before Christmas until Waitangi Day at the beginning of February every year, and always end up with a long waiting list for this period from the end of October.  Therefore, due to this high demand, for "Communal" bookings over this period, a non-refundable deposit of $100 or 50% of the total amount (whichever is greater) is required by the 31st October.  Due to EXTREMELY high demand, all "Private Suite" bookings for the Christmas / New Year period through to Waitangi Day must be paid for IN FULL within 10 working days of the booking being made. - Refunds on private suite bookings will only be given in full if cancelled before the 31st October.  A 50% refund will be made for cancellations for private suites during the holiday period if cancelled between 4-8 weeks prior to boarding.  No refunds will be made for cancellations for private suite bookings over the holiday period if cancelled less than 4 weeks prior to boarding. (This may seem harsh, but there is HUGE demand for our private suites over the holiday period, and we have had far too many customers making short-notice cancellations for private suite holiday period bookings over the past 3 years, which has meant some of our loyal customers have missed out and had to make alternative arrangements).  We will send email reminders for deposit payments around the middle of October.  If we have not received your deposit within 10 working days of the reminder being sent, your booking will be made available to the next customer on our waiting list.

REFUSAL OF BOOKING:  We reserve the right to refuse a booking if we consider your pet unsuitable for boarding.  We may also refuse a booking to any customer with a history of cancelling bookings at short notice, particularly during our busy holiday periods, or with a history of late payment.

PAYMENT:  Payment MUST be made in full prior to, or at the time of collecting your pet.  New customers are required to pay IN FULL at the time of drop-off of their cat.  Payment can be made either via EFTPOS or Credit Card at the time of drop-off or pickup or by bank transfer prior to pickup (however, please note that Credit Card payments will incur a 3% transaction fee).  We no longer accept cheque payments due to additional processing costs.  If payment is not made prior to or at the time of departure of your pet, then you will be liable to pay the daily booking fee as though your pet was still boarding, until such time that payment is made.